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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet potato and millet porridge 地瓜小米粥

Sweet potato and millet porridge 地瓜小米粥
This morning I made a pot of sweet potato and millet porridge using a vacuum/thermal cooker (燜燒鍋), which consists of two parts - a removable pot and a vacuum flask. It was extremely simple. Some sweet potatoes, cut into big chunks, some millet, some rock candies and enough water. Put everything in the removable pot, bring the water to a boil and let it boil for a couple minutes. Then seal the removable pot in the vacuum flask. Two hours later, I got a pot of delicious porridge!

早上我用燜燒鍋做了一鍋地瓜小米粥. 非常簡單. 在燜燒鍋的內鍋裡放一點地瓜塊, 一點小米, 一點冰糖,足夠的水,把水燒開後,滾兩分鐘,再把內鍋放在外鍋裡,把內外鍋的蓋子都蓋好. 兩個鐘頭後,就是一鍋好吃的地瓜小米粥!

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