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Thursday, August 12, 2010

One new dish a day!

Starting August 9, 2010, I will make at least one new or different dish each day for a month. The dish is preferably a vegetarian dish rich in protein and will be published in this blog. This project was inspired by a comment from my youngest son on my cooking. He observed that once I find a dish that he likes, I will cook that dish every day until he gets tired of it and I feel frustrated. It dawned on me that I should prepare a list of at least 30 dishes for a monthly dinner menu.

The blog was renamed to "Simple healthy delicious" from "My kitchen production" on August 12, 2010.

從八月九日起一個月, 我決定每天做一個新菜 - 蛋白質豐富的素菜, 發表在這個部落格裡. 這個計劃的靈感是來自小兒子對我做的菜下的一句評語, 他說我一旦發現他喜歡某個菜,我就天天做那個菜,直到他拒絕吃, 而我覺得受到挫傷為止. 他喜歡吃的菜一個月吃一次,還差不多. 我才恍然大悟,原來我至少該有30道菜輪換菜單.


  1. Keh-Shin,
    You are such a dedicated mother! I should at least try one new dish each week.

  2. 我最近也有個計劃,从一个月前开始,我每两个星期就跑城里一趟,给我那过重又整天吃外买的小兒子送些素菜去。每次都在想下次要带什么呢?现在可好了,只要看可欣的菜单照做就行了。这太棒了。