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Sunday, April 3, 2011

蒜苔 Garlic Scapes

過年期間一次聚餐時,有人帶來一盤炒蒜苔, 很好吃. 原以為是蒜苗, 我到樓下的黃昏市場探問的結果,發現是蒜苔 - 蒜的花莖. 賣菜的李小姐教我要把根部老的部分以及花苞以下的部分摘除. 我買了兩次,一次清炒,一次加了點臘味炒,都非常好吃. 不過胃不適合吃蒜的朋友們要注意,雖然蒜苔的蒜味較淡,還是不宜多吃.

At one of our Chinese New Year celebration dinners, someone brought a dish of sautéed garlic scapes, which was very delicious. At first I thought it was young garlic plants that we were eating. When I went to the afternoon vegetable market downstairs, I learned it was the garlic scapes - the flower stems. Ms. Lee, the market owner, taught me how to prepare the scapes - remove both the tough end and the other end from right above the flower bud. I cooked garlic scapes twice. Once I sautéed the garlic scape alone. The other time I sautéed it with Chinese sausages. Garlic scapes tasted delicious both ways. A note of caution: if too much garlic will upset your stomach, it’ll be a good idea to eat the garlic scape in moderation, even though the garlic scape tastes a lot milder than garlic.

蒜苔 Garlic Scapes
蒜苔Garlic scapes

臘味炒蒜苔 Sautéed garlic scapes flavored with Chinese sausages

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