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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Papaya smoothie 木瓜冰沙

What a delicious, thick, and satisfying treat! It was made by blending 1/2 cup of frozen papaya and 1 cup of milk in a blender at the highest speed.
Papaya smoothie 木瓜冰沙

Other delicious smoothies that I have tried recently are:
  • Pear kiwi smoothie: Very ripe pear(1), kiwi(1), milk(1 cup)
  • Pear, kiwi and orange are a good combination too.
  • 4- fruit smoothie: Very ripe pear(1/2), apple(1/4), kiwi(1), frozen papaya(1/4 cup), milk(1 cup)
  • Another 4- fruit smoothie (shown below): apple(1/2), kiwi(1), mango(1/3 cup), frozen papaya(1/8 cup), milk(1 cup)
The four fruits of 4-fruit smoothie 四果冰沙4-fruit smoothie 四果冰沙

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