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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wendy's Ultimate Chicken Grill sandwich is a healthy choice! Wendy 的烤雞肉三明治好吃又健康

Last Tuesday we had lunch at Wendy’s. I ordered an ultimate grilled chicken sandwich and diet soda. With 50 cents more, I could have gotten a combo meal that included a small fries for myself. Instead I shared a small fries with my husband.
Wendy's ultimate chicken grill sandwich is healthy!
I was very happy with the meal of my choice, which, I thought, was healthy, delicious and satisfying. According to the nutrition fact provided by Wendy's, this sandwich contained 370 calories and half of a small fries contained 160 calories. I could have saved a few calories by asking them to skip the mayonnaise or sauce on my sandwich. However I think the mayonnaise or sauce had made the sandwich a lot more delicious and I felt satisfied with the fries.

The lesson learned: it is still possible to eat a healthy and delicious meal at a fast food restaurant, if you pay attention to what you choose and resist the temptation of getting a bargain combo meal that is more than you need.

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