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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Banana walnut bread and carrot walnut bread based on Mark Bittman's vegetable-and-nut bread recipe.

Recently I made banana walnut breads and carrot walnut breads, both according to Mark Bittman's vegetable-and-nut bread recipe. In the past I had used the same recipe to make a sweet potato nut bread 甜薯核桃蛋糕 and a Taro walnut bread 芋頭核桃蛋糕 . All my breads made with this recipe rose very well and tasted delicious. The one thing bothered me very much was that I think my banana walnut bread tasted just like my carrot walnut bread. Both breads smelled and tasted very well, I guess, from the butter. I could not tell the existence of bananas, even though the sniffing dog at the Tau Yuan International Airport could. In the future, I will double the amount of the banana called for in the recipe. To make the bread healthier, I will also try to replace butter with olive oil.

Banana walnut bread - before and after baking:
Banana walnut bread - the batter 香蕉核桃蛋糕麵糊Banana walnut bread - baked, still in pans 香蕉核桃蛋糕

The inside look of the carrot walnut bread
Carrot walnut bread 紅蘿蔔核桃蛋糕

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