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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet potato nut bread 甜薯核桃蛋糕

Sweet potato nut bread 甜薯核桃蛋糕 Sweet potato nut bread 甜薯核桃蛋糕
I have been looking for simple, healthy, and delicious breakfast ideas for my youngest son so that he may stop buying breakfast every morning and start to save. I found this Mark Bittman's vegetable-and-nut bread recipe and thought it was a good idea to try. I followed Bittman's directions almost exactly, except that I added more sweet potato. The recipe called for one cup of sweet potato. However I used a sweet potato of a size of two cups, about 4 cups after being shredded. The bread turned out very delicious indeed! My husband thought it was the most delicious bread I'd ever made - even better than my "perfect" banana bread.

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