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Monday, February 14, 2011

素佛跳牆 - 我做的年菜 (四) Steamed mixed vegetables - One of the dishes I made for celebrating the new year (4)

  1. 白菜, 加油炒軟,Nappa cabbage, sauteed until soft
  2. 炸芋頭塊, Fried taro cubes
  3. 杏鮑菇, Oyster mushrooms
  4. 歡喜菇, Happy mushrooms
  5. 雪白菇, Snow white mushrooms
  6. 新鮮香菇, Fresh Shiitake mushrooms
  7. 銀耳, An edible white fungus
  8. 紅棗, Red dates
  9. 蓮子, 蒸熟而軟 Lotus seeds
  10. 紅蘿蔔, Carrots
  11. 筍片, Bamboo shoots
  12. 金針, Daylilies
  13. 栗子,加油稍炒一下,Chestnuts, stir-fried in oil
  14. 白果,加油稍炒一下,Ginkgo, stir-fried in oil
  15. 五色蔬果湯,Vegetable broth
  1. Place all ingredients in a big bowl, and steam for about 40 minutes.

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