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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake巧克力櫻桃水果蛋糕

I made these cakes by following a King Arthur Flour recipe exactly. They came out very delicious. This was my second try.
Chocolate Cherry FruitcakeChocolate Cherry Fruitcake
At my first try, I made a few unintended adaptations. I added more brandy (½ cup more). I soaked the raspberry and the blueberry jam bits in the extra brandy and heated them in a microwave oven for a minute. I also omitted the candied cherries. The cakes (as shown in the picture below) turned out very good too - however, more of a chocolate walnut cake than a fruitcake. Personally I prefer my first batch because of its stronger brandy taste and reduced sweetness.
My first fruit cake
As you can see, the cherries were placed on top of the cake, instead of being mixed in the cake.

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