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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My dishes on the Christmas Eve, 2011

豆沙薄煎餅Red bean pancakes, on left, and 豆腐皮捲 Bean curd sheet rolls, on right.

I got some leftover red bean paste from making glutinous rice balls a couple days ago and decided to make red bean pancakes that I had made more than a year ago. This time the pancakes tasted extremely delicious as expected. However, today I discovered that the red bean paste from cans, even though very convenient, is extremely rich in sugar, and, of course, in calories too. I should either reserve these pancakes for very special occasions or use self-cooked low-in-calories red beans instead.

My pancakes were a little burnt today. I should have been more patient - using lower heat setting and cooking each one a little longer.

While making the pancakes, I felt uncomfortable from the heat and the smoke. This may be why my father has always been discouraging me from cooking.

My mother had taught me to make these bean curd sheet rolls that I made today. It had been one of my best dishes in the long past. Recently I found the Chinese super market in White Plains, NY, sells bean curd sheets and decided to make the rolls again. My bean curd sheet rolls today tasted a little salty and were not rolled tight enough. I will continue to perfect this dish again. One concern though about using this kind of bean curd sheets in dishes is that it contains preservative "sulfur dioxide", the health risk of which I have to understand more.

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