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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drunken chicken soup noodles

This is a way to make good use of the wine sauce, a delicious leftover from the effortless drunken chicken. It is very easy. Basically I cook each ingredient separately and then combine all. Usually I would dilute the wine sauce with an equal volume of water.


  1. Noodles, any type, cooked, 2 cups
  2. Chinese broccoli seedlings, steamed or boiled, 6-8
  3. Bean sprouts, steamed or boiled, 1cup
  4. Effortless druncken chicken, 4-6 pieces
  5. Wine sauce from Effortless druncken chicken, 1 cup
  6. Water,1 cup

  1. Boil the water; add chicken and wine sauce; bring to a boil again; remove from the stove immediately;
  2. Evenly divide each ingredient into 2 big bowls; serve two.

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