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Monday, November 28, 2011

一個鐘頭五個新菜 5 new dishes in an hour

昨天一個鐘頭裡我放了五個新菜在桌上:椰汁咖哩南瓜,涼拌蘿蔔,拌干絲,雪菜筍片,蒜炒青菜 。五樣菜都是自己做的,其中涼拌蘿蔔和自製雪菜是早幾天就做好了。

I placed 5 new dishes on the dinner table under an hour yesterday, 11/27/2011. All dishes were made from scratch.
Butternut squash braised with coconut milk and curry;
Daikon radish salad which I had prepared a couple days earlier;
Shredded dry tofu salad;
Sauteed bamboo shoots and preserved Chinese mustard greens;
Sauteed mix spring salad with garlic.

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