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Thursday, November 24, 2011

絲瓜和兩面黃 Chinese Okra and panfried noodles

I never bought this type of Chinese okra, with strong ridges. I had always bought the type with smoother surface, i meant, without ridges. I was worried how to peel Chinese okra, the type with strong ridges, without losing too much flesh. It turned out that the worry was unnecessary. Once cut into chunks, the Chinese okra with ridges is just the same as that without ridges in terms of texture and taste. I braised the okra for a few minutes and then added some salt and sugar to taste. Very delicious!

This is also the first time for me to buy this type of Hong Kong-styled panfried noodles. It turned out very easy and also very delicious.

Besides the Chinese Okra and panfried noodles, I also sautéed another batch of potato leaves, made three quarts of vegetable broth and prepared pineapple filling for a pie.

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