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Thursday, November 17, 2011

簡易南瓜湯 Easy pumpkin soup

Today I made an easy creamy pumpkin soup.   One onion, chopped and sauteed until soft and translucent.  One can of Trader Joe's pumpkin. One can of  water.  Half a cup of soy milk.  Salt.  Black pepper.  Some rosemary, chopped.  Mix and heat all the ingredients until hot.  That easy!  Delicious!!

I also made a loaf of the crusty and chewy no-knead bread.  I found that it is extremely easy to make one loaf.  However, if you think making two loaves at once would be easier, think twice.  The stress of making two would be much more than doubled that of making one.   If you don't need two loaves, bake only one at a time.  Enjoy the almost effortless bread fresh, always.  

I also gave the braised tofu a makeover by adding some mustard greens.

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