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Thursday, September 23, 2010

強記港式小館 Chiang Ji Hong Kong-style Restaurant

牛肉魚片粥 - 健康的選擇!
Beef and fish porridge - a healthy choice!
粥裡除了牛肉片和魚片外,還放了油條,非常好吃,清淡而有營養. 可惜有小魚刺,吃的時候,必須小心.
Besides beef slices and fish slices, there is also fried bread stick fragments in the porridge. It is very delicious, light and healthy. However there may be bones in the fish. One has to be very careful eating this dish.

窩蛋牛肉粥: 和牛肉魚片粥類似,只是用蛋取代魚片, 很有營養!沒刺,比魚片粥安全.

雲吞撈麵 - 很不錯!
Wonton lo mein - a good choice!
每個鮮蝦雲吞裡有顆大蝦, 很好吃! 底下還有青菜, 營養均衡 - 蛋白質,碳水化合物,纖維都有.
There is a big shrimp in each wonton. It's very delicious! There is some vegetable at the bottom. It is a nutritionally balanced meal by itself with proteins, carbohydrates and fibers.

白灼薑蔥魚腩 - 極失望
Boiled fish belly with ginger and green onions - a big disappointment!
鯉魚肚很厚又肥,是慢慢燙熟的,須要等15-20分鐘. 這種燙法雖然是很健康的烹調法, 可是蓋不住鯉魚的土味, 魚肚上的肥油也沒化掉,很明顯的留著, 雖然方便剔除, 可是讓人倒盡胃口. 這道菜的份量很多(NT$150), , 可是剩下來的,不能留,全丟了. 我們是不會再點這道菜了.
The carp belly has a thick layer of fat, that is visible. It was cooked with boiling water. It will take about 15-20 minutes to cook the fish. The cooking method is very healthy. However, with this cooking method, the earthy taste of the carp stays and the fat on the belly also stays. The visible fat on the belly may be easily removed; however it is not exactly appealing. Even though we got lots of fish belly for NT$150, we threw away most of it. We will never order this dish again!

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