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Monday, September 6, 2010

Crunchy granola 鬆脆燕麥堅果

Crunchy granola 鬆脆燕麥堅果
Yesterday I explored "Sweet potato nut bread 甜薯核桃蛋糕" as a breakfast idea. Today I tried another - "Crunchy Granola" also based on a recipe of Mark Bittman's. For this batch of crunchy granola, I added 6 cups of old fashioned rolled oats, ¼ cup of pistachio kernels, ½ cup of chopped pecans, ½ cup of almonds, ¾ cup of walnuts, which I meant to chop, but forgot, and 8 fluid ounces of organic maple syrup, the medium grade, with one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and some salt. I left out the optional ingredients that Bittman specified in his recipe – shredded coconut and raisins or dried fruit, since I didn't have any of them on hand. The crunchy granola made this way is indeed crunchy and delicious, not to mention healthy and extremely simple. It will be very good with milk, or low-fat yogurt and fruit. I hope my youngest son will like it.

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