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Monday, September 20, 2010

周胖子餃子館 Fatty Zhou's Dumpling House

牛肉燒餅 - 健康的選擇!
Beef rolls (or beef shaobing) - a healthy choice!
牛肉燒餅非常好吃.牛腱肉很瘦,燒餅略有點油,心中有數就好.可先買回,要吃時微波爐熱30秒即可.加些新鮮燙青菜,是一頓簡單,營養又好吃的便餐. 無論是臨時有客來或正式宴客,這牛肉燒餅都很拿得出來.
This beef roll is very delicious! The beef shank used in this roll is lean. The roll is greasy, but not too much. It is fine, as long as we are conscious about the grease. We can buy a few ahead and heat them up, 30 seconds each, in a microwave oven right before serving. With some fresh steamed vegetables, it makes a simple, healthy and delicious light meal. This beef roll is good enough for treating unannounced guests or as an appetizer in a formal dinner.

芹菜牛肉水餃 - 動物油嫌多!
Dumplings with celery and beef filling - too much animal fat!

韮菜豬肉水餃 - 動物油嫌多!
Dumplings with Chinese chives and pork filling - too much animal fat!
Both dumplings are delicious. However both contain animal fat that is noticeable. After finishing the dumplings, I could see a layer of white solid fat on top of the leftover vinegar in my bowl. My husband and I have decided to stay away from these dumplings and choose the vegetarian ones.

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