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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

春日日本料理的便當 Spring Japanese Food's lunch box

春日便當 The lunch box from Spring Japanese Food
春日便當,一份台幣150元,很豐盛的一份午餐 - 10樣菜,1碗飯,1碗味曾豆腐湯. 蛋白質極豐富,可惜蔬菜太少.
The lunch box, at the price of NT$150 each, contains plenty of food - 10 different dishes plus 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of soup. Lots of proteins, but too few vegetables.

春日便當特寫 Close-up of the lunch box from Spring Japanese Food
每日菜色會略有變化. 星期二 9/21/2010 的 10樣菜是: 配菜玉米碗豆, 香菇天婦羅, 2個蝦, 日式煎蛋, 炸魚捲, 燻鮭魚, 雞腿, 炸墨魚捲, 鳳尾魚, 炸豬排. 另加1碗白飯. 我估計這整份便當至少有1100卡的熱量,或22個Weight Watchers 點. 一個人吃一份嫌多,再加熱後就不好吃了. 最好是兩, 三人合吃一份,趁剛做好,新鮮而熱的時候享用.
The dish varieties may vary each day. On Tuesday, 9/21/2010, the 10 dishes were: corn and peas, mushroom tempura, 2 shrimps, one piece of Japanese-style egg, fried fish roll, smoked salmon, chicken drumstick, fried squid tempura, anchovy, fried pork chop. Plus 1 cup of white rice. By my estimate, this lunch box was packed with at least 1100 calories or 22 Weight Watchers points. It was too much for one person and it didn't taste good after being reheated. While still fresh and hot, this lunch box would be best shared among 2-3 people.

香菇天婦羅 Mushroom tempura
香菇天婦羅的成份我還沒搞清楚,只知道很好吃,很紮實,除了香菇外還有肉類或海鮮類和其他的菜,我估計至少有200卡的熱量,或4個Weight Watchers 點.
I'm not sure what is in the mushroom tempura. All I know is that it's delicious, is packed with proteins of some kind of animal source and also contains other vegetables beside the big mushroom. By my estimate, this piece of mushroom tempura is packed with at least 200 calories or 4 Weight Watchers points.

餐廳地點和聯絡資料 The restaurant location and information:
Tel: 02-27081805 / 27083052 / 27067394
這種便當必須預定,每天早上九點半開始接受當天便當訂單,十一點半便當才好, 可以取貨.
If you'd like to buy this lunch box, you have to order it. The restaurant starts to accept orders at 9:30 AM and the lunch box will be ready for pickup at 11:30 AM.

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