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Monday, August 16, 2010

Corn, corn, corn! No more!

I got a little carried away today. I made 3 corn dishes based on Mark Bittman's recipes.

Corn and white bean salad
Corn and white bean salad

Corn Chower
Corn chowder

Corn bread
Corn bread

Did I learn my lesson today? You bet. By making 3 new dishes at once, I put myself under tremendous stress since 5 PM and the dinner wasn't served until 7:20 PM, late by 50 minutes. It was not until when I started to eat my dinner, did I come to realize that one should never serve all these 3 dishes together. The meal was just not fulfilling at all. I not only had a lousy dinner but also had to endure complaints from my family all evening. My youngest son asked me why I hadn't made my own perfect corn bread today. He said "No one adds corn kernels in corn bread!". My husband claimed that now he is "old" enough and he is not going to eat any more corn.

I really goofed up the dinner tonight. My husband begged me not to try "new" recipe any more.

The only mistake I made with the "Corn Bread" recipe was omitting the step of coating the pan with butter. I misunderstood the recipe and mixed the melted butter with all the other ingredients.

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